Presto speaks Dutch but he can do his show in French or English, or for mixed groups.

Presto’s magic show is perfect for birthday parties and company parties.

He is no clown but a true prestidigitator packed with happy enthusiasm

and lots of expertise on entertaining kids and making them at ease.

There are three shows:

  • Hocus Pocus
    Hocus Pocus is for smaller kids
    (Toddlers and preschoolers). Here are some elements of that show:

  • Sim Sala Bim
    Sim Sala Bim is for older children (from 6 years till 9 years, the “Harry Potter” generation). Here are some elements of this show:

  • Abracadabra
    This show is particularly interesting for young adolescents who think they know everything (9 years till 16 years). Here are some effects of this show:

Specify the average age of the children. If it’s a very large group mixed with adults, one should always pick the Abracadabra show. For 8 year olds or older, the Abracadabra show is the best show to choose.

(Presto also performs for adults with his Abracadabra show).

All of his shows are magic, no acts of a clown, but real (and often funny) magician that can do tricks like a fireball turning into a real pigeon (these tricks are ALWAYS included in the second half of the standard show).


The show is particularly suitable for performances at home (living room, garage, attic, ..), but the location could also be a canteen, a conference room.

The show is not suitable for outdoor events or in a restaurant where the adults are busy talking or eating as this distracts the attention of the kids watching the show.

A typical show for a child’s birthday party usually begins at 2:15 pm or 16: 15 pm ,

if there are no other appointments that day a different hour can be chosen.

Today, parties are increasingly organized in the morning or in the evening too. All is possible.