The show is not dangerous. No birds fly freely. (in the last 18 years magician Presto has had more than 2000 shows in living rooms, without any accidents, so the show is perfectly suited for any home.

The show is not suitable for outdoor events or performances where the audience sits around. Your cat or dog is the best put outside ;-)

The Mini show has no break but the Complete show and the Maxi show have a 15 minute break between each segment of the act.

During the break, the magician should prepare its future tricks discreetly and the public must leave the room. The break is ideal for a drink or for a sanitary stop… Nobody is allowed to see the magician’s secret preparations!

We advise to take very young children to the bathroom before the show starts, so the show can begin on time and no child will miss a second of the show.

In a large room you should get a screen or curtain fabric, so that the magician can make his preparations without revealing any “tricks-of-the-trade”.

At a birthday party at home, it is enough if the kids leave the room during the preparations, always let the children come into the room in front of the magician.

During the show hidden stuff can be visible from the rear and -as you well understand- surprise is an important part of the magic. So everyone should watch the show in front of the magician.

In large rooms the acoustics are very important, especially when people sitting at tables are chatting in the back of the room. For a child it is difficult to follow the show in such conditions.

A wireless headset or a microphone with a tripod is necessary. The tripod is necessary because the hands of a magician must remain “free” so please include a tripod base with an “arm” so it can stand aside the magician and not directly in front of him. A wireless microphone is even better.

If you wish, the magician himself can bring along a professional microphone with a PA system. This equipment (microphone, receiver, speaker, stands, ..) costs €50 extra unless you supply the installation.

If you procure the speakers and microphone, you remain responsible that someone remains stand-by to adjust the sound if it starts to hiss or make whistling “feedback” noises. The magician can never stop his act to adjust your installation during a performance of course.

CHECKLIST to provide for each show:

(for stage shows and home performances)

  • a 1L bottle of mineral water and a glass
  • a small or medium size table (height of a dining table)
  • a chair + a CD player system loud enough for your crowd (no toy player please)
  • a parking spot close to the site


  • Mini-show (€150 + transport)
    45 minutes of magic (only in Brussels area)

  • Complete-show, also known as “Standard-show” (€200 / €300* + transport)
    45 + 15 minutes of magic with pigeons and fire

  • Maxi-show (€300 / €400* + transport)
    45 + 45 + 15 minutes of magic with pigeons and fire

* = rate of €300  for the Complete-show and €400 for the Maxi-show are for enterprises and big events like Sinterklaas- and Xmas parties and for long-distant performances. These prices are still very competitive if one compares to other professional magicians and children entertainers.

  • Optional: microphone & speakers (for big gigs): €50 Supp.

Transport: €0.33 per kilometer to go and return of Vilvoorde.
All prices include VAT.
Payment in cash on the day of the show – no deposit required.