How much does the show cost?

The price does not depend on the program but on the duration, the location and on the nature of your event.

For large companies & public performances there is a fixed fee of € 300 for a standard show and € 400 for a maxi-show.

Private parties are subject to the cheaper rates below.

Everything is included except transport (€ 0.33/km, from Vilvoorde) and hiring cost of sound reinforcement equipment for big gigs.

Presto sometimes combines two shows on one afternoon so his price remains very low for birthday parties (if people agree to book a show at convenient “starting hours” like 2h15 PM or 4h15PM that is).

MINI SHOW (150 € + transport)

The Mini children’s magic show includes 45 minutes of magic (without the tricks with doves & fire) and costs 150 EUR + transport.
This show combines visual magic with funny stories (but this show has no finale so no live animals like a regular “standard” show), this is an abbreviated version of the show, especially affordable for small parties.

Only in a close region around Brussels and on generic days (popular days and festivity days are excluded).


• STANDARD SHOW (200 € + transport)

(also known as “the complete show”)

Presto’s famous “standard children’s magic show” contains 45 min + 15 min finale (with live pigeons and fire) and costs 200 EUR + transport.

Description: first 45 mins of kids magic with a lot of interaction and then (after a break of 15 minutes) a “finale act” with quick tricks, sleight-of-hand-magic with manipulating cards, balls, money, fire and live birds.

This finale goes to music and in the end, your celebrated kid assists with a cool trick. If you do not know what formula to choose, this performance is the perfect show for children’s parties and is ordered in 90% of the cases.

The price of € 200 + transport is only in a radius of 40 kilometers around Brussels and does not apply to “Sinterklaas” shows, extremely popular party days (like May 1st, December 6th, December 31th and so on….) nor for corporate events.

For those occasion the rate remains €300 which is still a very nice price for magic show (VAT incl.!)

Also if your party has an irregular starting hour or if you do not wish to take into account Presto’s availability for a second booking that day, the rate becomes € 300 since then you hire Presto “exclusively” for that day and he can no longer accept other bookings for that date.

-> But there are few people who opt for this, most “distant” customers have no objection for their show to start at 1:45 p.m. instead of 2:15 p.m, or at 4:45 p.m. instead of 4:15 p.m. This way they can benefit too from the discount rate of € 200 + transport.


Of course the discount rate is only possible if the travel time allows this. Very distant shows or foreign shows are always € 300 + transport as they implicate more hours of travelling time than performing time…

The total cost (all in) will be calculated once you send us an mail with a request for a date, so don’t worry about that yet, just tell us what you wish and we’ll gladly look for the best and most affordable solution for your event.


• MAXI SHOW(300 € + transport)

The Maxi Show includes 45 min + 45 min children’s magic + 15 min “finale”, it costs € 300 + transport (€ 400 for corporate events, public performances or Xmas shows).

This Maxi Show gives the kids two times a complete show of 45 minutes and a “wrap-up finale” of 15 minutes with live animals and fire. The Maxi Show is particularly suitable for long parties or big events.

The price of a Maxi Show applies to all provinces, distances and hours because this means the magician is exclusively booked for your date anyway.

Prices include 6% VAT. Payment in cash, after the show – no deposit required.